A smarter way to connect, curate and
communicate business information

Flow named Gartner 2013 Cool Vendor

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See how your company can organize
public and private information in smart,
personalized streams.

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Arm your
Sales Team

Real-Time Information that helps your
team close business

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Invite your sales team to tune-in to the
information they need now.

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Your Streams

Mobilize streams for each and every
one of your products, events
or customers.

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Deploy mobile apps instantly. No
developers or app store approvals

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Connect your

Route real-time information streams to
the right people—at their desks or in
the field.

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Solve last mile communication
challenges with a turnkey solution
that just works.

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Streams for

Curate, Contextualize and
Communicate your enterprise

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Help research, marketing, sales
and product teams organize and share
historical and real-time information.

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Streams for

Make learning simple with
knowledge streams that target
specific employees, partners and

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Organize video, images, text and
documents for product training,
equipment repair and customer support.

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Video Assets

Make corporate video assets more
discoverable and consumable.

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Share video assets with targeted
audiences by organizing them wihthin
contextual channels.

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Flow Stream

Tune In To All Your Enterprise Information Channels From a Single Dashboard

Flow Stream
Processing Platform

Integrate and Process Any Enterprise or External Data Source and Route Information to the Right People

Mobilize Your
Streams in Minutes

Push Streams to Mobile Apps Built in Minutes—Any Device, No App Store Approvals, No IT Staff

Reimagine Your Corporate Portal

That old company portal has seen better days.

Traditional corporate portals have been around since the early days of the internet and are often underused and ineffective. Flow provides companies with the ability to organize information within contextual streams so that employees, customers and partners simply tune-in to the specific information they need, when they need it.

Too Many Emails, Not Enough Communication

Information overload is a persistent problem for every business.

Flow provides companies a way to quickly and easily get organized around specific streams of information. Whether curated manually by non-technical people using our drag-and-drop dashboard or in automated ways using our stream processing capabilities, streams will transform the way your team distributes and consumes information

Enterprise Social Is Not The Answer

Follow streams of essential business information, not water cooler gossip.

There’s no denying the power of social streams for consumers, but the last thing your company needs is more chatter at the office. Contextual information streams allow your employees, partners and customers to access the right information, when they need.

The Real-Time Enterprise

Real-time workflow is no longer just a “nice to have”—it’s a competitive necessity.

Until recently, stream processing and real-time workflow was a necessity only for businesses like stock exchanges and high volume security traders. But the real-time world is upon us and every business must engage or face the consequences of moving a step behind their competition. Flow brings stream technology to any company ready to make the real-time enterprise a reality, not just a dream.